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Minimum Items Needed to Make a Dozen Arrows

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Minimum Items Needed to Make a Dozen Arrows Empty Minimum Items Needed to Make a Dozen Arrows

Post  Admin Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:54 pm

12 wooden shafts
36 feathers (should have 24 of one color and 12 of another color)
12 nocks
12 points
Optional: Cap wraps (makes applying a maintaining feathers easier, and looks nice.

Clan Chleirigh orders arrow parts online with 3Rivers Archery ( Lancaster Archery ( is also available for parts and is a local shop you can visit.

We recommend Port Orford Cedar Wood Shafts. When you order them, you have to select diameter and weight. If you wish to comply with the Clan Chleirigh standard, you will have to select 5/16 diameter, then you have a choice between 30-35 weight or 35-40 weight. The benefit of complying with the 5/16 standard is that you can purchase spare tips and nocks from us as needed, instead of having to keep your own in stock.

Feathers you can choose by length and color. We generally go 5” feathers for regular adult arrows. Small adults and children should get a shorter length.

When you purchase nocks, be sure to select the size to match your shafts (5/16 is our standard).

You should get glue-on field tips, also a matching diameter (5/16 is our standard). Choose a grain weight according to the weight of your shaft and your bow. Our standard point grain weight is 100 grain.

If you would like to purchase your own fletching tape and/or glues, you can get them at 3Rivers Archery. Clan Chleirigh will have those items at the workshop. You may wish to use ours until you’ve made a set of your own and talked to some people about which glues and adhesives they prefer.

Be sure to ask the person who is providing the jig which type of fletching the jig supports. It may do either left or right, or it may only do straight.

Tuathflaith's jig can do left or right, but not straight.


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